Ghost MNQs

To see or not to see.

Ghost Mannequins

Perfect for photographs.

Ghost mannequins were developed to enable quick and easy photo production in your online shop. Working with the online fashion store KLEIDOO, Formes has tested the mannequins in an everyday environment. The very high-quality figures have finished surfaces and rotatable, mobile stands with an assembly device for the mannequin.

Formes has developed a full range, comprising all sizes for men, women and children. Perfect construction and variability make photography even easier. The result is maximum time savings in post-production, extremely quick set-up, add-on and dismantling, and sales-promoting presentation thanks to perfect fits.

The benefits are unbeatable: quick and effortless clothes changes in the smallest of spaces, suitability for any fit, sales-promotingpresentation thanks to the perfect fit, magnetic connections to speed up set-up and alteration when changing clothes, availability in all sizes, and many more.


How to build a Ghost.