About us.

Creativity, know-how and innovation are the pillars of success of the Pentherformes Group.

With a great deal of passion, international experience and loving attention to detail, we are working on ever new highlights in terms of visual merchandising with a focus on mannequins, torsos and dress forms. At the locations of Aarhus (Denmark) as well as Winsen (Luhe), Meerbusch and Meeder (all in Germany), our staff practices our joint motto “in interaction with your brand” day by day. This also includes close collaboration with customers to ensure that everything has a harmonious appearance, ranging from visual merchandising to the presentation in shop windows, all the way to the showcasing of the brand at the POS. Listening carefully, developing ideas together with the customer, discussing the feasibility and achieving results – this is how we work.

Situated in appealing surroundings in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, our showroom is located in a former stable which has been converted into a studio. Here, in the Radong House, you can see our expertise for yourself. The location of Meeder, accommodating the warehouse, logistics, paint shop and workshop, complements the whole with its range of services. This is how we ensure that we can deliver everything from one source.

Whereas others only discover sustainability for themselves step by step, it has long since been part of everyday business at the Pentherformes Group: Owing to our many years of experience in PU production, all prototypes and newly developed products in Germany and Denmark are already manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyurethane, which you can verify by visiting our production plants. Sustainable thinking and action and clean production processes are governed by the Code of Conduct. Regular exchange with leading experts and scientists helps us continuously improve our materials and working conditions. Our production plants in Europe and the resulting short delivery routes already contribute to optimising the eco-balance. Another strong point of the Pentherformes Group is the use of paints developed in Germany for surface finishing. The paint NEO by Formes, for example, is scratch- and impact-resistant and meets highest quality standards.

Our Service

Creating higher standards.


The perfect combination of collections and custom-made MNQs. There is nothing the Pentherformes Group cannot supply.


We develop unique mannequins of highest quality from single items to series.


We offer many different MNQ series for many different areas of application directly from our catalogue. Whether basic or fancy – there is sure to be something to suit every taste.


Goods receipt, storage, inventory control, order picking, packaging and shipment to the customer’s address as well as courier service using our own vehicles.

Go green!

Regular exchange with leading experts and scientists helps us continuously improve our materials and working conditions. For example, we use recycled carbon, papier-mâché, PUR and fibreglass.

Mannequins for hire

As a special service, we offer our customers the opportunity to hire many mannequins from our range for events such as trade fairs and exhibitions. We will be happy to offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

Our Team

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