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Mannequins represent the interface to customers more than ever before. They are the ambassadors of fashion and are thus extremely sensitive beings. Customers need to be able to identify with the mannequins; after all, they are expected to wear the same clothes later on. Design, expression, finishing and environmental responsibility – everything has to speak the same language for brand objectives to be achieved. Penther and Formes merge the highest level of on-site customer support, mannequin development and prototype manufacture with series production in Europe and China. Decades of experience, in-house production and patented production methods enable the pentherformes group to manufacture sample mannequins and series from 10 to 10,000 items within a very short period of time. Finally, the “Made in Germany” control in the production plants ensures a consistently high quality. Many brands already rely on the quality and the services of Penther and Formes.


The perfect combination of collections and custom-made MNQs. There is nothing the Pentherformes Group cannot supply.


We develop unique mannequins of highest quality from single items to series.


We offer many different MNQ series for many different areas of application directly from our catalogue. Whether basic or fancy – there is sure to be something to suit every taste.


Goods receipt, storage, inventory control, order picking, packaging and shipment to the customer’s address as well as courier service using our own vehicles.


Regular exchange with leading experts and scientists helps us continuously improve our materials and working conditions. For example, we use recycled carbon, papier-mâché, PUR and fibreglass.


As a special service, we offer our customers the opportunity to hire many mannequins from our range for events such as trade fairs and exhibitions. We will be happy to offer you a solution tailored to your needs.


Our team supports you with concentrated know-how.